Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wallpaper: Spruce Up Your Home; Enhance Your Mood

Take a fresh look at your surroundings and consider redecorating. Whether you are considering some touches to simply brighten a room and celebrate the season, or a major decorating project, wallpaper is one tool you should not overlook.

The New World of Wallpaper

Today's technology has transformed the world of wallpaper that our grandparents knew. From the wide range of patterns available, to its ease and affordability, consumers are discovering a whole new world of wallpaper. Wallpaper can help you create a fresh new look in your home. In today's hectic, fast-paced society, the most important thing about decorating your home is to create an environment that provides you with a sense of comfort and serenity. A home should soothe your soul and offer a warm, comfortable retreat that you enjoy going to each and every day. Wallpaper can transform a room and help you can create almost any mood you like.

Wallpaper is Turning Up Everywhere

Although kitchens and baths are the two most popular rooms to wallpaper, you should consider wallpaper's potential for every room in your home. You can wallpaper entire walls or simply choose a special border to add personality or create a particular ambiance. Consider working with a select manufacturer that has a few selections to choose from with the same pattern or color scheme; you can mix and match wallpaper patterns from the same "family" - instantly creating a pulled-together look.

For example, some designers or homeowners put a border or molding along the walls (horizontally) so they can mix and match two different wallpapers on either side. With wallpaper you can be creative and develop almost any look you like. Today, designers are finding unique ways to use wallpaper, from lining the interior of special armoires, to glow-in-the-dark wallpaper borders for young boys and girls. The possibilities are endless.

The Importance of Light and Color

Light and color are two of the most critical considerations when decorating and have a significant impact on the final result. Here are just a few important guidelines:

  • Using light bright colored wallpaper can make a room appear larger and airy.
  • Using large patterns help create the feel of a small and cozy space.
  • Small patterns create a feeling of more space.
    Consumers can also solve a wide range of decorating challenges with wallpaper. For example, vertical stripes make a ceiling appear higher, while horizontal stripes make a narrow room seem wider.

Color for 21 century

Spice colors such as terra cotta, sage, red, and olive tones are especially popular right now. Spice colors create a warm and inviting feeling and can be used in lighter shades, too. Another emerging trend is the use of white and black, in a wide spectrum of hues, from pale grays to deep grays.

Metallic colors are also hot this year, such as silver, gold, pewter and copper. The most important color of the year is blue. Blue will increasingly be found in many hues, from icy blue to country rich blue, traditional blue and white combinations, and navy blue. Blues create a cooler feeling and "open" a room. One of the hottest color combinations of the season is a metallic color, such as silver and blue. Color is one of the most important tools to consider when decorating because it can change your mood and the feeling of a room.

Adding Texture to Your Walls

There are many different types of textiles used to create a variety of textures in wallpaper. Some of these include fabric, vinyl, grass cloth, fiberglass and silk or satin. Vinyl wallpapers are the most durable and can help protect your walls from mold, mildew, stains and other problems. Not all wallpapers are stain resistant, but if you clean an unexpected stain correctly and do not let the stain penetrate the wallpaper texture, almost any stain can be easily removed.

International Flavor: Bringing Home the World

Today's global society doesn't just impact how easily it is to communicate and travel. It means more decorating options. When designing your home with wallpaper, there are an endless variety of ways to bring the rich flavor of other cultures to your home. Asian and ethnic design has become a leading influence and more and more consumers, decorators and others are creating a Zen-like Asian feeling in a broad spectrum of rooms in the home.

Using elements from nature has also become popular. Large botanicals, animal skins, pressed leaves and insects are increasingly being seen in wallpaper patterns and throughout the home. You can also bring depth and texture to a room by using architectural elements such as columns. Simply using a special border featuring architectural details can transform a room.

Nature Comes Indoors

"Bringing the outdoors indoors" has become another popular way to create a certain mood when decorating. Leaf patterns are being seen more often than ever and create a feeling of being home with nature. With leaf, flower and bird motifs, you can create an airy, rustic and nature-loving theme in any home.

Pre-Pasted Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for many years. Through the development of technology and the ever-changing interior design trends, wallpaper is more popular than ever. Wallpaper is very accessible to the average consumer and it is a cost effective and economical way to decorate and improve your home. Many wallpaper borders and papers even come pre-pasted today.

Consider how to transform your surroundings and bring new life to tired walls. Remember, your home is a reflection of your personality, and you have the power to create a your own special, personal space. The following are more spring spruce-up suggestions:

  • Paint your bedroom door a bright, canary yellow.
  • Add light - open the shades, buy more lamps and let the world in.
  • Special pillows in bright colors are an inexpensive way to add new life to a couch and a room.
  • Flowers, flowers, flowers! There is nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers to brighten and room.
  • Potpourri can instantly change your mood by adding wonderful fragrance to your environment.
  • Are you a budding photographer? Take your camera outside to capture the season. Buy inexpensive frames for your home and create a montage of photographs that bring the season indoors.
  • Use special bowls and crystal to arrange colorful, fresh fruit on a variety of tables in your home.

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