Saturday, February 9, 2008

Fabric Magnets

Level: Easy

Magnets have done a lot to the kitchen refrigerator. Magnets have converted refrigerators into art galleries where every member of the family can display their favorite things. These items range from school art, to notices of meetings, to wedding invitations, to birth announcements.

Most predominately displayed on this family bulletin board is always the latest photos of friends, family, and children. Magnetized frames made from fabric provide a unique way to display your favorite photos on the refrigerator. It makes great sense to those of you who sew to find a use for those great fabrics and scraps from other projects. Most copy stores are capable of laminating and will gladly laminate your fabric to create these fun frames. Choose fabrics for special occasions if you are making extra to give as gifts. For example, if you are framing sports, baby or vacation pictures you will be able to easily find those themes in the fabric store.


Template material
Copy shop to laminate


1. Cut your chosen fabric into sizes that will suit the dimensions of the photographs. Since the copy shop will charge you by the sheet, it is best to figure how many you can cut from one laminated piece. The photo size will determine the outside perimeter unless you cut it down.

2. Press the fabric and then visit the local copy shop.

3. Plan the cuts you will make to get the maximum number of frames and then using sharp scissors cut the outside edges of the rectangles or squares.

4. Make a template from clear plastic so that you can plan the opening of the frame - round or oval - depending on the placement of the subject matter. With a pen or pencil mark the opening around this template onto the top of the laminated square or rectangle.

5. To cut through the laminated sheet on the inner circle or oval it will be necessary to poke a hole through the center of the opening before you trim out this shape.

6. Cut radiating slices just to the line you marked with your template. This will allow you to cut a smooth edge when using your scissors. Another way to cut this inner shape is to use an Exacto knife with a new blade. Be careful, sometimes the knife will break the seal on the laminate, which changes the look of the fabric. Experiment with both techniques and you will find your favorite way to do it.

7. Measure the back of the frame and attach strips of magnet at the top and bottom of the frame to hold this on the refrigerator. Most strip magnet is sold with one sticky side that will adhere to the back of the laminate. This magnetic strip will hold the picture in place so it is not necessary to attach the photo to the frame.

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